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Talc Grinding

Talc Grinding

What is the structure of the Talc Grinding Mill?

The hydraulic system of the Talc Grinding Mill has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy installation, high power density, fast response and strong controllability. It is a very important part of the Talc Grinding Mill and has good overload protection advantages. In order to make the Talc Grinding Mill work better, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance of the hydraulic system. This article will bring you the secrets of the daily maintenance of the hydraulic system of the Talc Grinding Mill.

1. Prevention is the main

When there are some faults in the hydraulic system, the Talc Grinding Mill often has some abnormal conditions in advance, such as insufficient power of the equipment, abnormal vibration and abnormal sound during operation. Therefore, the operator should observe and record during the process of using the Talc Grinding Mill. When the equipment is abnormal, take measures such as maintenance in time to prevent the occurrence of big problems.

2, the hydraulic system before work inspection

When starting the hydraulic system of the Talc Grinding Mill, check each fastener to see if it is loose; check the pipe joints to see if there is any deformation or damage to the pipe; check the hydraulic oil temperature to see if the hydraulic oil is Comply with machine use, etc.

3, hydraulic pump operation check

Before the initial operation of the hydraulic pump, the pump should be filled with oil to prevent the Talc Grinding Mill from idling and damaging the hydraulic pump. When starting the operation, pay attention to whether the operation is flexible or not, and the continuous operation can be adopted in cold regions. Wait until the Talc Grinding Mill confirms that the operation is normal and starts working without an abnormal sound.

4. Precautions when operating the hydraulic system

When the hydraulic system is running, pay attention to the working pressure of the distribution valve. If the Talc Grinding Mill exceeds or falls below the specified value, the Talc Grinding Mill should be adjusted. Pay attention to the oil temperature, pressure, sound, etc., and pay attention to the working conditions of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, reversing valves, relief valves and other components. Talc Grinding Mill and oil leakage and vibration of the entire system. When the oil temperature of the hydraulic system is too high, check the cause and eliminate it. Ensure that the hydraulic system has good ventilation and prevent air from entering the system.

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