Small Scale Stone Crushing Plant

Small Scale Stone Crushing Plant

Small Scale Stone Crushing Plant

PEX Small Scale Stone Crushing Machine has wide application in cement enterprises

PEX Small Scale Stone Crushing Machine is widely used in cement enterprises. Taking PEX 250 X 1000 Small Scale Stone Crushing Machine of our company as an example, some troubles and solutions are expounded.

Knocking at the back of the machine

1. The rear part of the machine produces a knock on the elbow plate, a moving jaw and an elbow plate cushion in the adjusting slot. Firstly, check the M24 square head bolt lifting the adjusting seat and the M30 bolt tightening the adjusting seat on the rear wall. When the connection is tightened and reliable, it can be determined that the knock is caused by the nut of the spring pull rod not tightened to a proper level and the compression force of the spring is too small. It is necessary to stop the machine and tighten the pull rod nut until the knocking sound is eliminated. It can also be tightened under the condition of non-stop, but it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of the straight screen.

2. If it is found that the knock is mainly caused by the collision between the adjusting seat and the lifting lug and the rear wall of the machine, then the above-mentioned M24 and M30 nuts can be tightened to suit the running state, so the tightening effect is more ideal.

Deviation of the elbow plate and friction and collision with the side of the body

When such faults occur, they should be stopped to repair the rollers. Loosen the spring pull rod screw to fit, place a 5T or 10t hydraulic jack on the inclined surface of the back wall of the body, jaw jaw jaw to the appropriate position, not only to prevent the elbow plate from falling off, but also to make the back hit elbow plate easy to reset. Then the iron bit is applied to the elbow plate, and the hammer is struck against the iron drill, so that the elbow plate is reset and the roll is broken. After resetting, a steel plate is welded firmly at the end of the inner edge of the elbow pad groove on the deviating side, generally both ends are welded to prevent the elbow plate from deviating.

Flow jaw plate loosening and moving jaw produce "bang" crash

When the wedge surface of the wedge-shaped pressure block of the compacted flow jaw plate is worn away and can not be compacted against the flow jaw plate, the price of the Small Scale Stone Crushing Machine with such impact sound will be generated. The bottom of the block has reached the moving jaw surface, and there is still some gap between the upper and lower wedges and the wedges of the moving jaw and the moving jaw plate. When the machine is running, the moving jaw plate will move up and down and impact the moving jaw. At this time, the steel plate rock breaking machine with suitable thickness can be repaired on the upper and lower wedge surfaces of the blocks.

Hubei crusher is widely used in mines, metallurgy, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. Large and medium Small Scale Stone Crushing Machine is one of our company's fist products, especially in the design and production of large Small Scale Stone Crushing Machine, at home and abroad has been in the advanced level of linear screen.

No matter what kind of mechanical equipment, routine inspection and maintenance is very important, Small Scale Stone Crushing Machine is even more so. If the abnormal sound is heard, the fault point should be diagnosed and repaired in time, so as to prevent the gradual stone production line.

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