Looking For Used Mobile Granite Crushers

Looking For Used Mobile Granite Crushers

Looking For Used Mobile Granite Crushers

Maintenance measures of Mobile Granite Crusher

Mobile Granite Crusher plays a very important role in the sand production line. Through its crushing effect, the material can get uniform particle size, which is convenient for use in all walks of life. Therefore, its usage and service life have become a topic of concern to many people. However, the wear and tear of the Mobile Granite Crusher is very serious in the work, so it is necessary for users to regularly carry out maintenance and repair, prolong its life and improve work efficiency.

In order to understand the parameters that affect the Mobile Granite Crusher, we must first have a deep understanding of its vulnerable parts. Vulnerable parts determine its usage and service life. For impact Mobile Granite Crusher, its vulnerable parts usually include plate hammer, counterattack lining plate, shell lining plate and rotor body shield plate. The wear failure time of the plate hammer is the shortest. Therefore, reducing the wear of the plate hammer is the key to solve the wear problem.

Reasons for wear of Mobile Granite Crusher

First, linear velocity: There are many reasons that affect the wear of Mobile Granite Crusher, one of which is linear velocity, which is the most important working parameter of the plate hammer wear. Because the linear velocity has a direct impact on the impact energy and the crushing ratio of the plate hammer, and plays a decisive role in particle size. According to the data, the excessive speed of the wire may cause the material to not enter the impact area, and the plate hammer wear increases sharply.

Second, handling capacity and discharge clearance: handling capacity also has certain effect on the attrition of plate hammer. When the processing capacity increases, the particle size of the product will be coarsened, the crushing ratio will be reduced accordingly, and the unit wear of the plate hammer will also be reduced. Similarly, changing the size of the discharging gap can also change the size of the product to a certain extent, so the wear of the plate hammer is also affected. It can be seen that the change of parameters is very important for the use of machines.

Third, to crush materials: in the work of Mobile Granite Crusher, the nature of materials, feed size and water content and other factors, the wear of the hammer plate is also different, so the nature of materials will deeply affect the wear problem in the process of crushing.

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