Limestone Crushing For Cfb Power Plant

Limestone Crushing For Cfb Power Plant

Limestone Crushing For Cfb Power Plant

The function of flywheel and grooved wheel in Limestone Crushing Machine

1, what are the functions of the two wheels?

The Limestone Crushing Machine has two wheels, both of which are mounted on the upper part of the machine, so what is the role of these two wheels? Here we first introduce the role of the groove wheel, as for the role of the flywheel, will be discussed in the following questions. Users should be able to see in the daily work of crushing, the machine's groove wheel is a device connected with the outside motor through the belt, its main role is to transfer energy, the kinetic energy obtained from the motor, through the belt to transfer, and then out, so that the machine can be normal to complete the crushing work.

2. Why can't flywheels be removed?

In the Limestone Crushing Machine work, the user will find that the groove wheel is used to transfer energy, and the flywheel is only placed on the top of the machine, does not play a role, then why can not remove it. In fact, the flywheel is not as ineffective as we see it. It has two functions: balance and energy storage.

The balance of the flywheel is mainly used to balance the weight of the groove wheel. The groove wheel and the flywheel are located on both sides of the upper part of the machine together. Both of them are very heavy. The lower part of the machine in addition to the counterattack plate has a certain weight, other parts of the weight relative to the groove wheel and flywheel is much lighter, that is to say, the overall structure of the Limestone Crushing Machine presents the state of top heavy and bottom light. If there is no flywheel to balance the weight of the groove wheel, the machine will show a trend of one-sided, resulting in a Limestone Crushing Machine can not run properly.

The main purpose of flywheel energy storage is to prevent the machine from bearing too heavy a load, resulting in damage to other parts of the Limestone Crushing Machine, mainly to protect the machine.

Above can be analyzed as follows: Limestone Crushing Machine in normal work, if because of a sudden power failure, and if the machine in the absence of flywheels can also operate normally, then sudden power failure will make the machine's groove wheel speed drastically decreased, and the groove wheel is connected by eccentric shaft and movable jaw, movable jaw There is a certain weight, plus the weight of the material in the machine, which is very heavy. When the groove wheel suddenly stops moving, the moving jaw plate and the material are still moving repeatedly under the action of inertia. This is the imbalance of force between the stationary groove wheel and the moving jaw. This force will make the eccentric axis between the two distorted and then broken, thus causing great economic losses to users.

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