Industrial Concrete Belt Conveyor

Industrial Concrete Belt Conveyor

Industrial Concrete Belt Conveyor

How to solve the deviation of Concrete Belt Conveyor?

Let's take a look at the harm of Concrete Belt Conveyor deviation to sand production line. The first is that it will not only cause damage to the belt itself, but also damage to other equipment in the production line, such as rollers, bearings and so on. Second, it may cause a shutdown failure in the production system and affect the production process. The third hazard is safety, belt deviation is prone to flip, leading to material sliding, the safety of staff threats.

Causes of Concrete Belt Conveyor running fault

  • One, installation reasons. That is to say, the Concrete Belt Conveyor in the sand production line installation errors, so in operation will run off.
  • Two, the force is uneven. It means that the driving force on both sides of the Concrete Belt Conveyor is uneven, unbalanced and running away.
  • The three reason is the extra lateral force. That is, the belt is deflated by the lateral force of the roller or idler.
  • Four. Cause of vibration. This means that during the operation of the sand production line, the system vibrates and vibrates too much, resulting in the deviation of the belt.
  • Five, the uneven distribution of materials. The uneven distribution of conveying materials, especially the location of the material at the point of transfer, will also cause belt deviation.

How to solve the deviation of Concrete Belt Conveyor

  • 1, aiming at the installation reasons, the installation errors should be eliminated and the frame should be re-installed. After installation, strict inspection and calibration should be carried out to avoid errors.
  • 2. In view of the uneven driving force on both sides, the position of the idler group can be adjusted, and the installation and debugging can be carried out again.
  • 3. Adjust the tension to eliminate the belt deviation caused by belt relaxation and frame skew.
  • 4. In view of the uneven material, it is required to increase the relative height of the two belts properly in the design of the production line, and to increase the baffle plate can also change the direction and position of the material.

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