Granite Quarry Equipment For Sale

Granite Quarry Equipment For Sale

Granite Quarry Equipment For Sale

Function analysis of main parts of Granite Quarry Equipment

The Granite Quarry Equipment has become the flagship product of the crushing industry. It is mainly used for coarse crushing and medium crushing. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, reliable operation and convenient use and maintenance. Therefore, it is very popular with customers. The main parts of Granite Quarry Equipment are transmission device, frame, moving jaw, jaw plate, moving plate, fixed plate, eccentric shaft, flywheel and lining plate. Many parts of the Granite Quarry Equipment cooperate with each other to complete the crushing process together.

Transmission device of Granite Quarry Equipment

In general, motors are prime movers. It is driven by the triangle belt and the grooved wheel, and then it drives the eccentric shaft to rotate. The electric motor is separately arranged from the frame, and the flywheel is a large belt pulley.

Granite Quarry Equipment frame

The rack is mainly used to support eccentric shaft, jaw plate and downward crushing force. It is usually cast and assembled with cast steel, or welded by thick steel plates. In order to increase rigidity, the surface has longitudinal and transverse reinforcing ties.

Granite Quarry Equipment jaw

The Granite Quarry Equipment has a jaw plate (broken board) on its working surface. It supports the upper part of the main engine from the eccentric shaft and the thrust plate supporting the lower part. The movable jaw has a toothed smash board on its working face. In order to reduce the weight of the moving jaw, it is designed in the form of a box.

Jaw plate of Granite Quarry Equipment

The jaw plate is the most easily worn wear parts of the Granite Quarry Equipment. At the time of operation, the moving jaw connects the moving jaw plate to do reciprocating motion. It forms the angle of extruding stone with fixed jaw plate. Therefore, the jaw plate is an easily damaged part.

Eccentric shaft of Granite Quarry Equipment

Eccentric shaft is the main component, which can drive the moving jaw up and down. It is not the center of the central shaft, it supports the moving jaw and flywheel, bearing bending and torsion, which is the most important part of the machine.

Granite Quarry Equipment flywheel

The motor is driven by a belt pulley and a belt groove wheel. The grooved wheel drives the eccentric shaft to rotate, thereby driving the movement of the movable jaw, so as to break the material. Flywheels have two functions: one is the weight of the wheel, and the other is the energy storage.

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