Granite Quarry Crusher For Sale

Granite Quarry Crusher For Sale

Granite Quarry Crusher For Sale

How to prevent jaw plate failure

The Quarry Crusher has a good production performance when it works. The reasonable design makes its production welcomed by users. In the face of his high-yield production, the user's income has been guaranteed. In the process of using it, we should pay attention to its maintenance, so that it can work better.

For the Quarry Crusher, the jaw plate will be damaged in the long-term work, if the Quarry Crusher user does not carry out timely treatment, it will make the damage faster, directly leading to the equipment can not be used normally. What should we do at this time? First, we must do a good job of prevention. The main parameters of the crusher, such as clamp angle, eccentric shaft speed, output and motor power, should be adjusted in time to suit the crushing materials in order to reduce the wear of the jaw plate.

In order to reduce the damage of Quarry Crusher, the jaw plate should be made of high hardness material to resist extrusion microcutting failure, and the material with enough toughness should be chosen to resist the fatigue failure caused by chipping impact. In actual production, we usually use high manganese steel containing 12% or 14% manganese to cast into the jaw plate. The material of jaw plate has a great influence on the actual production, so in order to use the Quarry Crusher reasonably, the user should make reasonable use of it, so that its production can be more assured.

In addition, for users, the new Quarry Crusher jaw plate to pay attention to tightening, and ensure that the jaw plate and the body surface contact smoothly. At this time, we can pad between the two surfaces a layer of lead, plywood, cement mortar and other plastic materials. For the assembly of movable and static jaw plates, the peak of one jaw plate should be aligned with the slot of the other, that is, the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate are in the basic meshing state, so as to ensure its normal production state.

Of course, if the jaw plate of the Quarry Crusher has been damaged in production, then it should be repaired. For the worn out jaw plate, the surfacing method can be adopted to restore the tooth shape. During repair, arc welding can be used, and automatic submerged arc surfacing can also be used, which is hoped to be helpful to users.

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