Granite Crushed Stone Crusher

Granite Crushed Stone Crusher

Granite Crushed Stone Crusher

Lubrication mode of Granite Crushed Stone Crusher

The compound pendulum type Granite Crushed Stone Crusher is an organic rack bearing and a movable jaw bearing two bearings. The frame bearings of Granite Crushed Stone Crushers are installed between the frame and the eccentric shaft to support the eccentric shaft for rotary motion, and the movable jaw bearings are used to support the swinging motion of the movable jaw when the eccentric shaft rotates. When a Granite Crushed Stone Crusher works, its bearing must bear the double pressure of radial load and axial load. In addition to choosing the reliable Granite Crushed Stone Crusher bearing, the crusher user must have a clear understanding of the bearing size, accuracy, internal clearance, lubrication mode and other factors.

Size determination

The bearing size of the Granite Crushed Stone Crusher refers to the size of the bearing, which is generally determined by the eccentric shaft of the crusher at the Journal of the rack bearing and the movable jaw bearing. To determine the correct bearing size, we must first clarify the crushing force and bearing load of the crusher. The crushing force of the Granite Crushed Stone Crusher can be calculated according to the relevant formula. Then, how to determine the bearing load? Because the bearing is subjected to impulse cyclic stress during crushing, the calculated average crushing force of the bearing can be taken as the equivalent load of the bearing.

Precision determination

The accuracy of bearing of Granite Crushed Stone Crusher mainly refers to the dimension tolerance and rotation accuracy of bearings. General precision bearings are available, because the Granite Crushed Stone Crusher bearings of the various components of the geometric tolerances, rotating radial, axial runout error in the crusher is less than 300 r per minute spindle speed, ordinary precision bearings can meet the use requirements.

Determination of internal clearance

The Granite Crushed Stone Crusher has an original clearance, but it will be reduced after assembly. The reduced clearance is the working clearance of the bearing of the Granite Crushed Stone Crusher. Generally speaking, there is a larger working gap.

Determination of lubrication mode

There are three ways to lubricate Granite Crushed Stone Crusher: sliding lubrication, thin oil lubrication and rolling lubrication. The rare way of lubrication is widely used. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the correct lubricating grease, do a good job in sealing the bearings of Granite Crushed Stone Crushers, ensure a good lubricating state, and help to extend the life of crushers.

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