Crusher Spare Parts In India

Crusher Spare Parts In India

Crusher Spare Parts In India

Effective measures to reduce crusher wear

Control of coarse particle size and iron inclusion phenomenon

Rough crushing generally chooses Hubei crusher or circular cone crusher. Before the ore is put into operation, the crusher should be crushed, not exceeding 600 mm grain size. In order to effectively control the grain size, 600 mm x 600 mm grille is installed at the crushing population for effective control. Controlling the particle size will reduce the crushing endurance, which can effectively protect the jaw plate and prevent the crushing truck.

Generally, there are iron removers installed at the breaking and discharging openings of Hubei Province to prevent the hard iron tools such as rods and spade teeth from being broken into medium crushing by mining, because the medium crushing equipment and lining plate are more than five times as coarse crushing, and the coarse crushing and discharging of Hubei Province have little effect on the lining plate, but it is necessary for the crushing and discharging openings to be cared for. Ensure that the belt scraper of the crusher is scraped clean.

Increase slope of buffer storage and material transportation corridor

The factors affecting the frictional coefficient of crusher generally include: material properties, velocity and temperature, load, vibration and smoothness, among which the material and load can be changed. As long as we change the gradient of buffer bin or material transport channel, increase the inclination angle by 9 to reduce the forward pressure, the frictional force F = tg9 will be reduced in disguised form. This can reduce the wear and tear of the metal wall and increase the service life, but this needs to be done under the conditions allowed.

On the metal wall passing through the material, a layer of polyurethane board is added to increase the service life of the metal wall.

In the case of the failure to adjust the buffer gradient of the crusher, in addition to increasing the hardness of the steel plate, we can nail a 20 mm thick polyurethane protective plate, & ldquo; hardness has a greater impact on the friction coefficient of the polyurethane elastomer, in general, the lower the hardness, the higher the friction coefficient, & rdquo; the smoother the surface, the friction The smaller. Because of its high hardness, smooth and elastic surface, polyurethane can effectively protect the buffer wall from damage.

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