Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Application In The Heavy Calcium Carbonate Plant

Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Application In The Heavy Calcium Carbonate Plant

Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Application In The Heavy Calcium Carbonate Plant

Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Working Principle

Vertical Ore Milling Equipment grinding roller and the relative motion of the disc material bed crushed material, with the grinding roller pressure increases, the material becomes smaller fineness; ground material by airflow to bring it up by the classification device above Grading in the Ore Milling Equipment, the coarse powder into the grinding disc to be crushed again; qualified powder sent by the wind to the bag filter bag collection.


Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Structure Characteristics

  • Grinding disc and roller for the arc curve design, the material according to the grinding trajectory into the coarse grinding zone coarse grinding, and then fine grinding area for ultrafine grinding.
  • Grinding roller pressure up to 10-15MPa, according to the material properties, reasonable control of the disc speed and roller pressure; grinding efficiency, the material 2-10μm particle size high.
  • Unique grind air ring design, the wind ring at the wind speed of 30 m / s or more, to ensure that ultrafine grinding of fine materials in the airflow into the grading device, the coarse particles fall into the air ring from the Ore Milling Equipment discharge .
  • The graded rotor is optimized from the viewpoints of structural size, material, mechanical strength and blade configuration. Reasonable rotor gap sealing method to ensure that the grading effect and grading accuracy. Classification of rotor using advanced and efficient dynamic and static combination of static blades play the role of large coarse particles sieve, moving blades play a control product d50, d97, d100 particle size index, to achieve the role of product ultrafine classification.
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Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Application In The Heavy Calcium Carbonate Plant

From the perspective of diversified needs of heavy calcium carbonate powder products, vertical Ore Milling Equipment + secondary (or tertiary) classification processes are often used in the design of vertical Ore Milling Equipment engineering systems. First, the use of vertical Ore Milling Equipment scale energy saving Ultra-fine production; the second is the use of secondary classification is conducive to product refinement and upgrading. 


The use of vertical Ore Milling Equipment system directly produces d97 = 13-40μm heavy calcium carbonate, stand-alone output up to 5-12t / h, energy-saving effect is obvious; the use of secondary (or three) grading system production d97 = 5-13μm heavy carbonate Calcium, stand-alone output reached 1.8-6.0t / h, vertical grinding Ore Milling Equipment fine grinding capacity to meet the requirements of fine grading machine.


Application Of Vertical Ore Milling Equipment In Talc Powder Processing

A company uses vertical Ore Milling Equipment for talc production, the talc product technical indicators as shown:


During the "13th Five-Year Plan", technological innovation in equipment and technical innovation in industrialized production are the key points for the upgrading and transformation of non-metallic mineral powder industry. Vertical Ore Milling Equipment with green energy, product stability, the advantages of large-scale production. Vertical Ore Milling Equipment in heavy calcium carbonate and talc and other non-metallic ore powder processing applications, will help promote China's non-metallic mineral powder processing equipment upgrade technology to enhance China's non-metallic mineral powder equipment technology in the international arena Competitive strength.

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