Future Of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment

Future Of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment

Future Of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment

There are two transformations in the development of flour milling industry in China. One is the transformation of product development from imitation to self innovation, and the two is the transformation of economic operation from extensive to efficient. It is expected that the future development trend of milling equipment industry will be large, digital intelligence and green energy saving.

With the continuous development of the powder industry, the market demand for Raymond Ore Milling Equipment is also increasing. Raymond Ore Milling Equipment is the main equipment for grinding industry. In order to meet the requirements of different application fields, it is an inevitable trend to develop to "high reliability, energy saving, precision and automation".

1, More Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

In recent years, all walks of life pay more and more attention to the problem of green environmental protection. With the proposal of "green 12th Five-Year", energy saving and environmental protection has become the vane of all industries, especially in Raymond Ore Milling Equipment. Raymond Ore Milling Equipment's R & D and manufacturing should pay more attention to the research of high efficiency and energy saving, and improve manufacturing for key links such as zero pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption and mechanical life. As for the market of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment, the energy saving and environmental protection equipment with high processing capacity, high separation efficiency and low energy consumption will be more popular, and the market demand is more urgent.


2. The Automatic Control System Is More Perfect

Raymond Ore Milling Equipment will be mainly developed in the direction of high reliability, precision, automatic monitoring and automatic control. It can use thyristor power supply, AC frequency conversion speed regulation, oil concentrated lubrication, shock absorption and so on, and it also has working condition monitoring and microcomputer automatic control and so on. The high reliability of the machine needs to be rationalized by mechanical principle to improve the wear resistance of the grinding ring and the lower lid, so as to improve the state of the machine under continuous work.

Experts point out that automatic condition monitoring and automatic control need to increase the intelligent electronic control system inside the Raymond Ore Milling Equipment and control the material's entry and exit, grinding and quantitation automatically. Automatic control can effectively improve the working efficiency and accuracy and safety of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment, the operator only needs to carry on the control button in the operating room, convenient and quick.

3. The Precision Of Grinding Will Be Improved Greatly


For a long time, Raymond Ore Milling Equipment has improved greatly in the grading system, but it mostly stayed on the single machine transformation. On many parameters, such as the size of the grinding roller, the power of the main engine and the spindle speed, there was little surpassing.

In order to improve the precision of material grinding, the accuracy of the analytical machine should be strengthened. This problem has always been the technical difficulty of the improvement of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment. Therefore, the grinding accuracy of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment will be the research and development emphasis of relevant enterprises and R & D personnel. This will also decide the key for the future development of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment in the flour mill industry.

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