Ultra Wet Grinder Prices In Hyderabad

Ultra Wet Grinder Prices In Hyderabad

Ultra Wet Grinder Prices In Hyderabad

Matters related to the installation of Ultra Wet Grinder bearings

Bearing installation method is different due to bearing structure, coordination and other conditions. General Ultra Wet Grinder bearings are mostly shaft rotation, so the inner ring needs interference fit. The tapered hole is directly mounted on the taper shaft or installed with a sleeve.

The bearings with tapered holes are mostly fitted by interference fit. The interference volume is determined by the distance between the inner race and the axial distance of the conical axle diameter, the tight sleeve or the unloading sleeve. Small and medium-sized bearings can use bearing mounting tools or locking nuts to propel the inner ring to the appropriate position on the tapered shaft diameter. In the case of tight sleeve, use sleeve nut that can be locked with a hook spanner or an impact wrench. The unloading sleeve can be pushed into the bearing bore by bearing mounting tools or end plates. Larger bearings require greater force to install, so hydraulic nuts should be used. The hydraulic nut can install the conical hole bearing on the conical shaft diameter, the tight sleeve and the unloading sleeve.

The installation of the bearing shell of Ultra Wet Grinder is also very important. Installation to the shell, general clearance with more, the outer ring has interference, usually press in, or there are cooling installation after the cold shrinkage fit method. When dry ice is used as coolant and cold shrinkage matches installation, moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the bearing. Therefore, appropriate anti rust measures are needed.

In addition, after the installation of Ultra Wet Grinder bearings, in order to check the installation is correct, to carry out running checks. Check whether there are any foreign bodies, scars, indentation caused by the operation of the poor, due to poor installation, installation seat processing caused by rotating torque uneven, by the clearance is too small, installation error sealing friction caused by torque, and so on. If there is no abnormality, it can start the power operation. Because large machinery can not rotate manually, so no load immediately after starting off power off, for inertial operation, check whether there is vibration, sound, rotating parts are in contact, etc., to confirm that there is no abnormality into power operation.

Above is the Ultra Wet Grinder bearing installation related matters, users must pay more attention to the bearing installation, in order to effectively avoid the occurrence of problems.

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