Stone Quarry Equipment

Stone Quarry Equipment

Stone Quarry Equipment

Stone Quarry Equipment main accessories

As a common type of equipment in ore milling operations, Stone Quarry Equipments are widely used in industrial mining. In order to ensure the long-term safe and efficient operation of the Stone Quarry Equipment, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance work on various components of the equipment. Here, we will briefly understand the main accessories and wearing parts of the Stone Quarry Equipment.

Under normal circumstances, the main components of the Stone Quarry Equipment include grinding roller, grinding ring, blade, blade holder, plum blossom frame, spindle, spindle seat, rubber sleeve, oil seal, gland, air duct, reducer, grinding roller Different types of upper and lower gland, analysis machine, and analysis machine leaf disc. These seemingly inconspicuous accessories in the operation of Stone Quarry Equipments are one of the keys to direct operation of the equipment.

Therefore, in the grinding operation, we must do regular inspection and maintenance work on each component to prevent the aging and wear of the components to ensure the high-efficiency high-pressure grinding operation. In this writing accessory, the blade, the grinding roller, the grinding ring, etc. are components that are in direct contact with the material, and are also easily damaged parts.

Since the working principle of the Stone Quarry Equipment is that the blade shovels the material conveyed by the material, and then throws it into the grinding ring between the grinding rolls at a certain angle. With the rotation of the Stone Quarry Equipment main engine, the grinding roller is compacted under the action of strong centrifugal force and gravity, and the ore material is compacted between the grinding roller rings to achieve the effect of crushing and grinding.

In this process, due to the high hardness of the material, the direct friction rolling effect easily causes the parts such as the blade, the grinding roller and the grinding ring to be greatly worn. As the Stone Quarry Equipment runs longer, the wear of the blade, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are also increasing. At this time, we need to pay attention to the regular inspection and repair of these consumable parts in the process of grinding the materials. Once the wear is serious, we should replace the new parts immediately, so as not to affect the smooth operation of the grinding operation.

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