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Quartz Machine

Quartz Machine

How big is the Quartz Machine motor power?

Main motor: The rotating part of the Quartz Machine main machine is the power of the grinding roller grinding ring to realize the grinding process. The power of the Quartz Machine main engine is about 90KW, and the main motor grinding powder production line is necessary.

Analytical machine motor: The analysis machine and the main machine are equally important. The former realizes grinding and pulverizing, and the latter sifting and sorting powder. The kinetic energy intensity of this motor does not need the size of the main machine, as long as it can meet the blade of the analysis machine, so the power is 18.5KW.

Hoist motor: hoist link silo and Quartz Machine home, is the main conveying equipment, the power is also low at about 3KW, and the hoist is optional, so the motor is not a must for the grinding process equipment.

Blower motor: the soft connection of the blower and the volute of the main engine. From this air inlet, a large amount of wind is blown into the grinding chamber, and then the grinding material is taken away to the analysis machine for screening, and then the qualified materials after screening are transported through the pipeline. The silo completes the transportation and screening process of the whole material, so the energy loss is large, and the corresponding motor power is high. The power of the 4R mill fan is about 110KW.

Shibang Industrial Technology Group Quartz Machine Motor: The reason why the Quartz Machine appears in the grinding line is because the raw material particles are large and need to be crushed in the early stage. Therefore, if the fineness is directly suitable for the grinding of the mill. There is no need to equip the Quartz Machine under the conditions, and the motor is also available. It is usually equipped with a small Quartz Machine of 15KW.

Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder Motor: Shibang Industrial Technology Group reminds everyone that the electromagnetic feeder is not a necessary machine for the mill, but it is recommended that you equip it because the uniform feeding affects the operation of the mill, the quality of the finished product, the output, etc. Many problems, manual feeding is difficult to control, whether small mill or large ore Quartz Machine is equipped with this automatic feeding device, electromagnetic vibration feeder power is about 150KW.

The above is the power of the Quartz Machine motor introduced by Shibang Industrial Technology Group. Our factory produces high quality Quartz Machine. We welcome customers to come and buy!

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