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What are the methods to improve the production capacity of Quarry Equipment?

First, improve the direct path of Quarry Equipment production

  • 1. Pre-grinding premise: Add a fine crusher before the Quarry Equipment. The fine crushing before grinding greatly reduces the particle size of the grinding material, thereby reducing the load of the grinding system;
  • 2, after the grinding powder selection guarantee: improve the grinding system, improve grinding efficiency. The efficiency of powder selection is improved, and the direct benefit powder of the finished product is selected in a timely manner to reduce the powder recovery rate of the finished cement product and reduce the load of the Quarry Equipment;
  • 3, the internal transformation of the mill: the addition of high-efficiency classifier. And the grinding inside the transformation, but also the grinding system improvement, the fundamental solution.

Any of the above three methods can greatly increase the output of the Quarry Equipment. Of course, if the factory conditions permit, the above three methods are used together, and the effect is ideal. This is also the trend of domestic and international grinding system design in recent years.

Second, improve the indirect route of Quarry Equipment production

1. Improve the grinding process

It is recommended that conditional manufacturers use the circulation process to produce. The uniform distribution coefficient of the circle-flow grinding cement particles can reach 1.0, which is relatively narrow and the concrete quality is better. This can greatly reduce the cost.

2, reduce the size of the grinding material

Pursuing "Don't break the mill, to break the mill", the pre-grinding process can greatly improve the output of the Quarry Equipment, the power consumption of the mill is also significantly reduced, and the energy-saving effect is very good. The so-called "pre-crushing process", the size of the grinding material is reduced from the original 20-25MM to 3-5MM, the work content of the Quarry Equipment I warehouse is transferred to the crusher to complete, so as to improve the output of the Quarry Equipment.

3, the moisture and temperature of the material to be milled should be appropriate

First of all, it needs to be explained that the moisture of the material to be milled is not as wet as possible. The finer the fineness of the cement, the more sensitive it is to moisture, and the paste is ground when the moisture is not satisfactory.

PS: It is generally believed that for every 1% increase in the integrated moisture content of the milled material, the Quarry Equipment output will be reduced by 10%. When the moisture is more than 5%, the Quarry Equipment basically “stops” and grinds.

4, Quarry Equipment cylinder has good ventilation

The internal ventilation of the Quarry Equipment is good or bad, which directly affects the grinding efficiency. Ventilation function will discharge the fine powder in the grinding in time, so as not to affect the grinding efficiency; secondly, reduce the temperature inside the grinding machine to avoid the gypsum dehydration tail silo ball blocking.

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