Modification And Change In Ball Mill

Modification And Change In Ball Mill

Modification And Change In Ball Mill

Function of different parts of Ball Mill

For Ball Mill, it is composed of different parts, in these parts play a core grinding role, and some play a fixed role for the core parts, but no matter what kind of parts, are indispensable to the Ball Mill interior, here we are the introduction Take a look at the main parts of the machine.

1. Bearing, which is one of the core parts of the Ball Mill, plays the role of transmission and support in production, which plays an extremely important role in the production of the machine, if the bearing is damaged, then the whole production line will stop work, so for the bearing in the choice of It is very important for the use of Ball Mills to ensure the quality of the crusher and then to maintain it reasonably in production.

2. Scraper, in the use of Ball Mill, the role of the scraper is to scrape material and then add it to the grinding roller between the grinding ring, grinding, so the quality of the scraper is also important, if the scraper appears to be damaged, then the material can not be scraped up, at this time production can not be carried out;

3. Grinding roller grinding ring, in the interior of the Ball Mill, the role of grinding roller grinding ring is to grind the material, the interaction of the two materials will be crushed, so the quality of the two parts for the production process, is also particularly important, generally choose materials with high wear resistance to process this Two parts;

4. Plum blossom rack, in the interior of Ball Mill, the grinding roller is installed on the Plum blossom rack, so the damage of the Plum blossom rack will also cause the grinding roller can not work, which is also an important part affecting production.

There are many parts inside the Ball Mill. We only introduce some of the core parts and their respective roles. In the process of production, in order to ensure the smooth use of these parts, we need to carry out reasonable maintenance and operation, so as to prolong their service life. So that it can better satisfy the material processing.

The function of different parts of Ball Mill is mainly introduced above. In view of the variety of internal parts, we introduce the function of several core parts, mainly bearing, shovel, roller grinding ring and plum blossom rack. For these parts, we not only need to ensure the quality when choosing. Quantity, when it is used, it also needs to ensure its maintenance and maintenance operation.

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