Hammer Mills Prices In South Africa

Hammer Mills Prices In South Africa

Hammer Mills Prices In South Africa

Harmfulness of Hammer Mill with poor sealing performance

Hammer Mill is a kind of equipment with various kinds of processing materials and wide application fields. The premise of good performance in the production of Hammer Mill is to keep it in good working condition. If the working state of the equipment changes in the production, its performance will change and affect the efficiency of production. As for the working state of the Hammer Mill, there are various influencing factors, one of which is the sealing performance. If the sealing performance is not good, it will cause many hazards to the work of the Hammer Mill.

Harm one, dust spillover

If the sealing performance of the Hammer Mill is not good, there will be dust overflow phenomenon, which will cause environmental pollution, making the Hammer Mill can not meet the requirements of environmental protection, while the overflow of dust will affect the health of workers, so ensuring the sealing of the mill is important in production. One of the jobs;

Hazard two, contaminated lubricating oil

In the production of Hammer Mill, if the sealing performance is not good, the dust will enter into the bearing, and then pollute the lubricating oil. The polluted lubricating oil will not only fail to achieve good lubricating effect, but also aggravate the wear and tear of the bearing, which will cause the damage of the bearing and the decrease of its service life. These phenomena will lead to these phenomena. The maintenance cost of the bearing is increased, and the cost of mill production is increased.

Hazard three, internal pressure changes

In the process of using Hammer Mill, the change of airtightness will lead to the change of internal pressure of Hammer Mill. This phenomenon will cause the change of internal wind force, not only affect the production efficiency, but also affect the size of finished powder, and may also cause the phenomenon of powder backdraft, which will cause grinding. Changes in production efficiency;

The harm of poor sealing of mobile crushing machine is mainly described above. We mainly introduce it from three aspects, namely, dust spillover, lubricating oil pollution and the change of internal pressure, and analyze the influence of these aspects on production, environmental protection is not up to standard, bearing wear is aggravated, efficiency is reduced, and into The size of powder is unreasonable, these aspects will cause the production efficiency of Hammer Mill to decline, so it is very important to ensure the seal of Hammer Mill.

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