Hammer Mill For Sale Uae

Hammer Mill For Sale Uae

Hammer Mill For Sale Uae

Why does the spindle of Hammer Mill change?

For Hammer Mill, the damage of parts will lead to the stop of equipment production, especially the damage of wear-resistant parts. The so-called wear-resistant parts refer to the parts which play an important role in the production of the machine and suffer more wear and tear. There are many kinds of wear-resistant parts, one of which is the spindle. One of the faults of the spindle in use is the phenomenon of deformation, which will cause the stop of production. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the cause of the deformation. In the process of using the Hammer Mill, according to the cause of the deformation of the spindle, the prevention of deformation phenomenon can also reduce the impact on production. So what causes the deformation of spindle?

1. The phenomenon of excessive grain size of feeding caused by the different types of Hammer Mill can handle the grain size of the material is limited, if the size of the feeding grain, it will increase the difficulty of production, and because the feeding will have a direct contact with the spindle, so if the grain size of feeding is large, it will cause with the main. The phenomenon of spindle deformation caused by the increase of the number of shaft impact is solved by controlling the particle size of the feed.

2. If the Hammer Mill is in the state of overload for a long time in use, it will cause the phenomenon of excessive spindle pressure, which will make the spindle wear and tear worse, and gradually form a deformation. For this phenomenon, when the Hammer Mill is used, it should be strict. Controller load to prevent overload phenomenon.

3. Rust of the spindle, if the spindle appears rust phenomenon, in the operation of Hammer Mill, some rust and materials mixed together, the fineness of processed materials will decline, and rust, the strength of the spindle will decline, so when subjected to force, it is easy to appear deformation phenomenon. The solution to this problem is to inspect the equipment diligently and carry out rust removal operation in time.

4. In the production of Hammer Mill, if metal particles enter into the equipment when feeding, the impact between metal particles and the spindle will also lead to the deformation of the spindle. The solution to this phenomenon is to ensure that no impurities enter the material when feeding.

This paper mainly introduces the problem of why the main shaft of Hammer Mill will deform. The analysis of this problem is mainly carried out from four aspects, and the solutions for these different reasons are introduced. In actual production, different preventive measures can be taken according to these different reasons. The occurrence of deformation ensures the smooth production of Hammer Mill.

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